A Day at WJSV

The WJSV Broadcast Day

On Thursday, September 21, 1939, Radio station WJSV in Washington, DC transcribed its entire broadcast day. Here is the historic program schedule:


WJSV Washington, DC - Thursday, September 21, 1939

6:30 Sundial with Arthur Godfrey (music) 
8:30 Certified Magic Carpet (quiz show)  
8:45 Bachelor's Children (soap)  
9:00 Pretty Kitty Kelly (soap)  
9:15 The Story of Myrt & Marge (soap) 
9:30 Hilltop House (soap)  
9:45 Stepmother (soap)  
10:00 Mary Lee Taylor (soap)  
10:15 Brenda Curtis (soap, featuring Agnes Moorehead)  
10:30 Big Sister (soap) 
10:45 Aunt Jenny's True Life Stories (soap)
11:00 Jean Abbey (news for women)  
11:15 When a Girl Marries (soap)  
11:30 The Romance of Helen Trent (soap) 
11:45 Our Gal Sunday (soap)  
12:00 The Goldbergs (comedy)  
12:15 Life Can Be Beautiful (soap)  
12:30 Road of Life (soap)  
12:45 This Day Is Ours (soap)  
1:00 Sunshine Report (news)  
1:15 The Life & Love of Dr. Susan (soap) 
1:30 Your Family and Mine (soap)  
1:45 News (news)  
2:00 President Roosevelt's Address to Congress  
2:40 French Premier Edouard Daladier 
3:00 Address Commentary (news)  
3:15 The Career of Alice Blair (soap) 
3:30 News  
3:42 Rhythm & Romance  
3:45 Scattergood Baines  
4:00 Baseball: Cleveland Indians at Washington Senators  
5:15 The World Dances (music) 
5:30 News  
5:45 Sports News 
6:00 Amos and Andy  
6:15 The Parker Family (comedy) 
6:30 Joe E. Brown (comedy)  
7:00 Ask-It Basket (quiz)  
7:30 Strange as it Seems (true stories) 
8:00 Major Bowes' Original Amateur Hour (variety)  
9:00 The Columbia Workshop - "Now It's Summer" (drama) 
9:30 Americans at Work (true stories)  
10:00 News  
10:15 Music  
10:30 Albert Warner (news) 
11:30 Teddy Powell Band (music) 
12:00 Louis Prima Orchestra (music)  
12:30 Bob Chester Orchestra (music)  

WTOP Call Letter History

Radio Station WTOP began as WTRC New York in 1926, relocating to Mount Vernon, Virginia in 1927 as WTFF, then changing calls to WJSV shortly thereafter, moving to DC in the mid-'30s and changing calls to WTOP in the '40s...


Recent changes at 1500 AM: On January 4, 2006, WTOP moved its all-news format to 103.5 FM (formerly WGMS-FM, which moved to 104.1 FM) and the WTOP-AM call letters were moved to Frederick, Maryland's 820 AM.


1500 AM became WTWP-AM (ironically "Washington Post Radio") until September 20, 2007, when it changed to WWWT-AM ("3WT") with a talk radio format.


The WTOP-AM call letters were retired in 2007, when 820 AM became a simulcast partner of WTWP-AM 1500. 


Weekly Standard Article

November 20, 2000/Vol 6, Number 10
Radio Time Capsule
America—September 21, 1939

By David Gelernter